Sy-G076-1 Medical Infusion Pump Clinical Medical Pump

SY-G076-1 Medical Infusion Pump for Clinical Use Medical PumpTechnical Specification:Infusion rate rangeAdjustable drop rate range: 1 /min~400 drops/min (step: 1 drop /min)Adjustable flow rate range: 1ml/h~1200ml/h(step 0.1ml/h)Purge rate: 800ml/hKVO rate: 1ml/h (1~300ml/h)3ml/h (greater than 300ml/h)Infusion volume range:

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SY-G076-1 Medical Infusion Pump for Clinical Use Medical Pump

Sy-G076-1 Medical Infusion Pump for Clinical Use Medical Pump
Sy-G076-1 Medical Infusion Pump for Clinical Use Medical Pump
Sy-G076-1 Medical Infusion Pump for Clinical Use Medical Pump

Technical Specification:

Infusion rate range
Adjustable drop rate range: 1 /min~400 drops/min 
(step: 1 drop /min)
Adjustable flow rate range: 1ml/h~1200ml/h
(step 0.1ml/h)
Purge rate: 800ml/h
KVO rate: 1ml/h (1~300ml/h)
3ml/h (greater than 300ml/h)
Infusion volume range: 1ml~9999.9ml (step: 0.1 ml)
Maximum accumulated volume: 9999.9ml (step: 0.1 ml)
Infusion Time range: 1min~9999min (step: 1 min)

Infusion accuracy: Within ±3% (using calibrated high quality IV set)
Mechanical precision: within ±2%

Occlusion alarm threshold:
High: 800 mmHg ± 200 mmHg (106.7kPa±26.7kPa)
Medium: 500 mmHg ± 100 mmHg (66.7kPa±13.3kPa)
Low: 300 mmHg ± 100 mmHg (40.7kPa±13.3kPa)
Alarm: Infusion Complete, Empty, Faulty Signal, Misoperation, Occlusion, Door Open, Air Bubble, Low Battery, Setting Error, AC power off, Idle.


NIBP Range
Average deviation: ≤ ±5mmHg
Standard deviation: ≤ 8mmHg
SYS: 40mmHg~280mmHg
MEAN: 20mmHg~240mmHg
DIA: 10mmHg~220mmHg
SYS: 40mmHg~220mmHg
MEAN: 20mmHg~170mmHg
DIA: 10mmHg~160mmHg
SYS: 40mmHg~135mmHg
MEAN: 20mmHg~110mmHg
DIA: 10mmHg~100mmHg
Static pressure
Range: 0mmHg~300mmHg
Deviation: 3mmHg

Resolution: 1mmHg

NIBP measurement mode
Cycle (automatic): 
Optional interval: 1min, 2min, 3min,4min, 5min, 10min, 
15min, 30min, 60min, 90min
Fast: continuous NIBP measurement, interval is 5min

NIBP alarm
High pressure alarm: >90mmHg-160mmHg
Low pressure alarm: <50mmHg-90mmHg
Accuracy: ±5%

Overpressure protection
Adult: 280 mmHg ±10 mmHg
Pediatric: 237 mmHg ±3 mmHg
Neonate: 147 mmHg ±3 mmHg


Range: 0%~100%
Resolution: 1%
Accuracy: 70% to 100%, precision is 2%
0% to 69%, undefined

SpO2 alarm
Upper limit: 100%
Lower limit: 90%
Alarm value accuracy: 3%
Alarm time accuracy: 2s

Pulse rate
Range: 20bpm~300bpm
Resolution: 1bpm
Accuracy: 3bpm


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