Delaval 350cc Claw Collector for Milking Machine Parts

Delaval 350cc Milk Claw Collector for Milking Machine Parts   Milk Claw Products Description:1. 350CC delaval milking claw 2. milk claw / milk collector / milk cluster3. with 350ml milking capacity4. with transparent cover and steel base5. with one whole year warranty6. with CE, FDA, SGS&comm

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Delaval 350cc Milk Claw Collector for Milking Machine Parts
Milk Claw Products Description:
1. 350CC delaval milking claw 
2. milk claw / milk collector / milk cluster
3. with 350ml milking capacity
4. with transparent cover and steel base
5. with one whole year warranty
6. with CE, FDA, SGS, ISO9001:2008 certificate
Milk Claw Introduction:
      350CC delaval milk claw / milk collector / milk cluster, with 350ml milking capacity, is used to connect the rubber milking tube and pulse tube, and then collecting and delivering the milk. This kind of milking claw / milk collector / milk cluster copys from Delaval type, with reasonable price and tansparent cover, the base is steel material. For this type milking claw, we supply 009 milking liner to match with this claw.  As one of the most important spare parts for the milking system, our company supply various capacity milking claws / milk collectors / milk clusters to meet differnt clients request, like160ml, 300ml, 400ml, 350ml and others. Regarding goats and sheep, we produce small capacity milk claws for them. 
      The mobile milking machine components have milking bucket, milking tube, pulse / air tube, milking claw, milking pulsator, milking liner, milking shell and vacuum pump, oil pot, silencer, vacuum meter, vacuum regulator, safty device and etc.
Milk Claw Features:
1. with transparent cover, could observe the milk directly;
2. with automatic shutt-off valve;
3. with steel bowl, has a long time use life;
4. suits for 009 Model milking liner;
Milk Claw Applications:
a. 350CC delaval milking claw  is used to connect the large bore liners.
b. 350CC delaval milking claw  is used to connect the milk tube and pulse tube.
c. 350CC delaval milking claw  is used to match with cow automatic milking machine.
d. 350CC delaval milking claw  is used to connect with cow milking parlor system.
Milk Claw Specifications:

350CC Milk Claw
Model NumberHL-M04 Delavel
Capacity350ml milking capacity
Basesteel base
Covertransparent cover
Liner009 Model

Milk Claw Competitive Advantage:
- 350CC delaval milking claw has one year warranty.
- 350CC delaval milking claw has good ergonomics.
- 350CC delaval milking claw  has unique and lightweight design.
- 350CC delaval milking claw has good quality and reasonale price.
- 350CC delaval milking claw  is easy to keep clean and clean.
- 350CC delaval milking claw  has plastic base model and stainless steel base model.
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