New lactation pods on Sentosa launched to give nursing mums more privacy, Lifestyle News - AsiaOne

2022-05-14 21:35:53 By : Mr. Young Yang

Nursing mothers who breastfeed their children no longer have to worry about feeling overly exposed in public or having to use a less-than-sanitary restroom when they head down to Sentosa. From today onwards, five mobile, free-standing lactation pods will be placed throughout the family-friendly hotspot for a trial period of six months. Here’s how to use them:

To locate the lactation booth, use the dedicated app by Go!Mama, the local start-up behind the innovation. The app will show a directory of the nearby lactation pods within the vicinity.

Mothers have the option of booking the nursing rooms in advance for either a 30-minute or 40-minute session. Access to the lactation pods can only occur via Singpass or a One-Time Password for secured access into them to make sure mothers have their privacy.

For those worried about bacteria and contamination, the use of innovative features such as automated cleaning and disinfection with UV light that is triggered after every session. This ensures a safe and hygienic environment for both mothers and babies. The interior of the pods is designed for easy cleaning and has no paddings on the seats, floors, or tables.

There is also a USB charger available, which allows mothers to charge their electric breast pump if it is running low on battery.

Vivian Lee, co-founder and CEO of Go!Mama, shared findings from their research, saying that “Our surveys revealed that the majority of mothers in Singapore want to breastfeed their babies. However, they value their privacy and find it difficult to find a suitable place to breastfeed or express breastmilk, while on-the-go.”

She further elaborates that 85 per cent of mothers indicated that breast feeding deterred them from going out.

The pods will be located at Sentosa, with two at Sentosa Express (Resorts World Station), and the other three at Beach station bus interchange, Siloso Beach, and Palawan Beach respectively.

This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.