Tecovas Leather Tote Bag Review

2022-10-28 08:57:27 By : Mr. SHAO Sam

It’s the ultimate leather bag that does it all.

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Tecovas Leather Tote Bag Review

While it is fun to have trendy, of-the-moment clothes and accessories, there’s something to be said of a closet full of classic capsule-wear pieces that never go out of style. There is the timeless little black dress, the tailored white button-up tee, the perfect-fit skinny jeans, and, of course, the underrated everyday leather tote.

If you’re like me and have invested in enough trendy bags to last a lifetime, you’ve probably learned the hard way that too many of these leather bags tend to fall apart or go out of style within a season. That’s where the appeal of a classic leather tote comes into play: they last for years and tend to go with just about any and everything in your closet.

While there is certainly any number of gorgeous leather totes from respectable brands like Everlane and Coach, the Tecovas Leather Tote is a handbag that carries credentials and style. Produced by the revered, renowned Texas bootmaker, the Leather Tote is made from supple, soft bovine leather and is functional enough to carry an insane number of items without looking sloppy or bulky.

I swapped out my bright summer bag for the Tecovas Leather Tote in fawn earlier this month and was quite taken with how roomy the bag is, despite how lightweight it is. I can store all of my absurd daily necessities—i.e. wallet, sunglasses, change of clothes, water bottle, snacks, notebooks, work assignments, you name it—without being left wanting more space. Does that mean the Tecovas Leather Tote is obnoxiously large and oversized? Not at all; in fact, the dimensions of the bag are just right and you can carry everything you need without overcrowding the bag or looking like you’re carrying actual luggage in place of a handbag. Also, the Leather Tote has an unlined interior, which keeps it super lightweight and easy to carry around all day on your shoulder.

While the bag itself isn’t rigid and upright, I appreciate the fact that it doesn’t fall over on its side when I place it down—a recurring issue I’ve encountered with other large totes in the past. There’s nothing worse than having the contents of your purse spill out on the floor, but you won’t have to worry about that with the Tecovas Leather Tote.

The craftsmanship of the bag cannot be overstated. While I’ve watched my other leather bags endure scratches, scuffs, and inevitable damage from wear and tear, I haven’t noticed a single mark or scratch on my Tecovas Leather Tote, and it’s not like I go easy on my bags either; think trips to the gym, tossing it on the ground, food crumbs at the bottom—you get the gist. Thankfully, the leather bag is easy to clean and maintain, especially with the Tecovas Leather Care Kit, which keeps my bag looking spic and span every day.

The one thing I wish the bag had was at least two compartments, but that being said, it opens wide enough where you can locate your belongings rather quickly and efficiently. It’s not like a Mary Poppins bag where the contents are swallowed and lost at the bottom. Thankfully, there is a roomy side zip pocket to store essential items you need to access quickly like your keys and wallet.

As someone who is already a devoted fan of Tecovas, it’s no surprise I fell in love with the brand’s insanely well-reviewed (4.92 stars!)—leather tote. At only $195, I was impressed with a bag that will not only last years to come, but will coordinate with just about anything and everything in my closet. It’s the ideal handbag for anyone who is tired of carrying purses that barely last or stay in style for more than a season.

Tecovas Leather Tote Bag Review

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